Phytocitrus Gentle Shine Shampoo for Colored and Permed Hair (200ml)

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Phytocitrus Gentle Shine Shampoo for Colored and Permed Hair (200ml)


Employing the active ingredients of Grapefruit extract, Chamomile and Sweet Almond protein, Phytocitrus is a remarkably smooth, tactile shampoo that smells like a citrus grove. Phytocitrus takes action to reverse damage caused by perm and color processing. By restoring hair to its natural pH, Phytocitrus preserves the health of the hair and the vitality of the color and curl. The color or perm lasts longer and hair remains clean, soft, and shiny.

Grapefruit extract eliminates alkaline residue, tightens and seals the cuticle, fixes the color and adds shine, regulates the hair's pH. Sweet Almond proteins soften hair. Chamomile extract softens hair. UV filter protects hair color from oxidation.


  • Size: 200mL
  • Grapefruit extract
  • Sweet Almond Protein
  • Chamomile Extract
  • pH 4.3

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