Macadamia Natural Oil Tunnel Vent Brush

reg CA$28.95

now CA$24.95

Macadamia Natural Oil Tunnel Vent Brush


Macadamia’s groundbreaking new tunnel vent brush combines the healthful benefits of 100% natural boar bristle with high-heat resistant nylon pins. Thanks to an infusion of negative ions this brush has both antibacterial and frizz-negating antistatic properties and will leave your hair feeling more smooth, healthy and manageable. Use in conjunction with Macadamia’s Oil Treatment or Spray Oil to dramatically intensify these benefits even further.

Usage – the tunnel vent brush allows air flow to circulate at root level, speeding up blow drying time.


  • 100% boar bristle
  • High-heat resistant
  • Ionic
  • Anti-static
  • Anti-bacterial

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