Macadamia Natural Oil Hot Curling Brush 53mm

reg CA$49.95

now CA$45.95

Macadamia Natural Oil Hot Curling Brush 53mm


Macadamia’s groundbreaking new hot curling brushes are made with premium, first-cut boar bristles and have been specifically designed for the purpose of creating healthy, more manageable hair with fantastic shine. It is well established that boar bristles have incredible health benefits for your hair and scalp, distributing your natural sebum oil to the hair shaft and sealing the cuticle. The boar is also gentler on the hair, averting the harsh damage and breakage caused by plastic bristles. Use in conjunction with Macadamia’s Oil Treatment or Spray Oil to dramatically intensify these benefits even further.

Usage – perfect for longer and thicker hair. Great for creating volume at the roots, designing body, whether straightening or creating curl.


  • 100% boar bristle
  • High-heat resistant
  • Ceramic Coated Base

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